В данной статье - предложения из текста и вопросы к тексту Headhunters.

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The candidate was terrified

He was dressed in Gunnar Øye attire: grey Ermenegildo Zegna suit, hand-sewn Borelli shirt and burgundy tie with sperm-cell pattern, I guessed Cerrutti 1881

However, I was certain about the shoes: hand-sewn Ferragamo

I once had a pair myself


The papers in front of me revealed that the candidate came armed with excellent credentials from NHH – the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, in Bergen – a spell in Stortinget for the Conservative Party and a four-year success story as the managing director of a medium-sized manufacturing company


Nevertheless, Jeremias Lander was terrified

His upper lip glistened with sweat


He raised the glass of water my secretary had placed on the low table between us


Кто испугался?


Who was terrified?



Как он был одет?

Was he dressed?


Почему он был уверен по поводу туфлей

Why was he certain about the shoes?





Что раскрывали документы перед ним?

What did the papers in front of him reveal?





Отчего блестела его верхняя губа?

What did his upper lip glisten with?


Откуда он взял стакан?

Re did hi take the glass from?

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